There is always a mystery at the heart of great artists that pulls us towards them. People make a non-verbal connection to their work. They have a subconscious link to paintings such as The Mona Lisa or The Last Supper. These works speak to them and live with them. It’s a power that is not easily defined, but it’s certainly there

Peter Capaldi (X)

That’s what paintings are for. Going to an exhibition should not be about standing in a huge queue trying to look over other people’s heads while you listen to them prattling on about how the hands in the picture look too big. I’m delighted these exhibitions are so popular. But I’m getting less and less from them, and they are becoming less and less viable as a means of making a meaningful connection with pictures.

Peter Capladi (X)

The deep and lovely dark, without it we would never see the stars.

The twelveth doctor (Peter Capaldi)