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"There was an issue simply because it’s quite dark as a costume and it’s a show that largely takes place in a tunnel. I kept saying ‘We are going to be able to see him, aren’t we?’ I suppose the red lining helps, when the flaps are open."

Steven Moffat considering the need to be able to see your lead character on screen. (via kitt66)

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"I’ve got certain things that I’ll say – I don’t want anything in that costume that I have to write into the script. I don’t want people saying ‘But why are you dressed as a circus clown?’ I want him to walk into a pub, a restaurant, a space conference, an army base and nobody stares at him."

Steven Moffat on the costume and why you don’t want to have to explain it all the time. (via kitt66)

(Source:, via kitt66)

"No, no, seriously because Doctor Who started when I was four. So Doctor Who is part of my upbringing in the Sixties with the Beatles, Sunday Night at the London Palladium, school milk and bronchitis, all of these things. It’s part of me. So all of those Doctors, all of them really… I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for every single Doctor that there’s been, so I just sort of stand on their shoulders. It’s due to each and every one of their individual talent and charisma and gifts that the shows still here. So I don’t have a specific Doctor that I look to, but I look to them all, and I do look to them all."

Peter refusing to say which Doctor inspires him most. (SciFi Now)

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"He wanted to be quite stark. Stark and skinny. A stick-insect sort of thing. Clara actually calls him a grey-haired stick-insect at one point. We had some hilarious pictures of Peter just dressing up. It was all coming from him because he’s really into his clothes. I didn’t feel qualified to go and chat too much about it. Certainly the costume didn’t go anywhere until I shut up. The thing I’ve learned about showrunning is you need to know the bits you’re bad at!"

Steven Moffat talks to SFX about finding a costume for the new Doctor (via kitt66)

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And the coverage isn’t just limited to UK magazines - look at Entertainment Weekly’s new coverboy.
"I used to do voiceovers. I did a voiceover for butter, and they said to me ‘Could you be a little less sinister?’ So that’s how far it’s come. I’ve gone from amiable geek in Bill Forsythe films to sinister butter salesman."

Peter on being viewed as sinister - from Sci Fi Now interview. (via cardinalcapaldi)

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Peter Capaldi on SciFi Now cover